Try It First: Make a Mobile App with Mozilla’s Appmaker

What would you like on your poutine?

A poutine-themed app

Earlier this month, I attended my very first hackathon here in the city hosted by Hive Toronto. As someone with limited coding skills, but have mastered the art of clicking things, moving them around and filling in form fields, I was glad the activity involved no programming at all. The platform we were hacking away at happened to be the “pre-alpha” version of the Mozilla Appmaker, a free tool to create personal mobile apps on your web browser without requiring you to code. It took me two minutes to design a Beyonce-themed Irreplaceable Taps app that made sounds as you hit the words “to the left, to the left.” Two minutes. All in all, it was fun to build apps and not care whether they were good, marketable ideas. (Would anyone like a poutine app?) Now in beta, Appmaker is ready for the public to test out. You can read my article on Techvibes, which takes a closer look at the new tool and what Mozilla plans on doing with this technology.


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