Hello, Internet! It’s been a while. I didn’t meant to neglect you but I’ve been super busy these days trying to finish up my degree. That’s right, the end is near and the countdown begins: 55 days.

In addition to taking three summer courses, I’m juggling a library practicum involving eBooks (but no iPad), work work involving eBooks (but no iPad), homework involving eBooks (but no iPad), and extra-curricular activities involving eBooks (and an iPad!).

I had a chance to play with the device — weeks before it was released in Canada — while attending BookCamp Toronto. Since I don’t own an iTouch or iPhone, I was impressed by how much you can do on the iPad: play the piano, type messages with minimal typos, touch and feel websites in both cool and awkward ways. There’s a lot of potential for eBooks to go from being boring inanimate objects to beautifully interactive stories. For example, there’s Alice in Wonderland, essentially an app, which allows you to play with the “book”, such as by moving pills around with your fingers or shaking the tablet to make heads bobble.

Could this be the future of publishing? I hope so. I’d love to see a magazine like this, as well.


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