The Guild


Strangely hidden between the crime-ridden part of Toronto and the poor part of Toronto is a historical site called The Guild. This quiet area is surrounded by the Scarborough Bluffs, Lake Ontario, and rich forests and parks. Once home to an arts colony during the Great Depression, The Guild Inn (formerly called The Guild of All Arts) provided accommodation and studio space to artisans practicing such crafts as pottery, woodwork, and metalworking. Nowadays it features a sculpture garden displaying fragments of demolished buildings collected to preserve Toronto architecture.

The Guild Inn

The Waterfront Trail runs along the lake, reaching as far east as Rouge Valley Park. On one Saturday afternoon, I ventured into the woods until I reached the bottom of the bluffs. There was no one else there, except for a couple of dragonflies that zoomed by. Immediately upon ascending, the strong, fishy scent of yesterday’s rainfall powerfully invaded my nostrils as violent waves crashed against barrier rocks.

Lake Meets Bluffs

Construction sites were scattered around the area, and it was tempting to climb on to the abandoned machinery.

The Claw

My shoes were covered in mud (yes, I know I wore the wrong shoes), so I ran back up to the top through the Escape Lane.


To catch the best view of the bluffs, you may need to cross a knee-high fence. However, this is not recommended after nightfall because a few steps too far can have you falling off the edge of the cliff.


I use to pass by The Guild everyday on my way to school without taking a moment to see what it looked like. The Guildwood neighbourhood reminds me of a very small town you move to after you retire. Each house along the street next to the waterfront is unique. It’s Scarborough’s big secret that is sure to change your perception of the east end.

You can learn more about it by visiting the City of Toronto website. And please click here to see the rest of my photos on flickr.



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