Toronto, Now in 3D

Got to hand it to Google for pulling the most adorable April Fools joke* on us. If you click on the Google Maps street view stick figure, it puts on a pair of 3D glasses, which makes e-touring the city 50% more awesome. Thanks to Karon for the tip.

* Update: 3D goggles are still working. Maybe the joke was that it was not a joke. Fooled me.


The Guild


Strangely hidden between the crime-ridden part of Toronto and the poor part of Toronto is a historical site called The Guild. This quiet area is surrounded by the Scarborough Bluffs, Lake Ontario, and rich forests and parks. Once home to an arts colony during the Great Depression, The Guild Inn (formerly called The Guild of All Arts) provided accommodation and studio space to artisans practicing such crafts as pottery, woodwork, and metalworking. Nowadays it features a sculpture garden displaying fragments of demolished buildings collected to preserve Toronto architecture.

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