The Fashionable Lives of Young Women [an ethnographic research study]

This is a raw, under-edited, not peer-reviewed, pre-published version of “The Fashionable Lives of Young Women: Home and Beyond,” a research paper I produced for a course at U of T called The Information Experience in Context (INF 2305). We pretended to be Information Scientists for about a month and a half, using ethnographic tools to study local information phenomena in hopes of uncovering the “red thread“.

The field I chose to study was fashion, because, well, it was a topic I knew I wouldn’t get sick of by the end of this project. Two lovely ladies allowed me to picked their brains on what fashion information meant to them. Then they showed me their closets. It was fantastic.

The study includes a research framework, ethical protocols, a lit review, photos, diagrams, discoveries — the whole works, baby! Oh, except for a hypothesis. Ethnographers are too cool to make educated guesses before venturing into the field. If you happen to read past the introduction, then thank you, dear reader. If not, please take two minutes of your time to get all click happy at Juxta-posing and Honey Bliss.

And now the feature presentation…

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