Making New Year’s resolutions without breaking them 24 hours later

It seems like scribbling down a list of goals is just as unpopular as executing them. Most people tell me that they don’t make new year’s resolutions because they’d just break them. And one friend responded with, “It’s difficult to come up with resolutions when you have no flaws.” Even so, every year I make a list in hopes of half-accomplishing them. For instance, last year it was learning how to cook. And I did just that (if you count following instructions on the packaging as cooking). Some resolutions have been on the list every year so maybe it’s time to compromise. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Resolution #1: Get off your butt and exercise

The Problem: It’s not that I need to lose weight (in fact, at one point I was trying to gain a few pounds), but I hate sweating in public and looking like I’m just about to collapse after 10 minutes on the bicycle.

The Compromise: Yoga, and a workout buddy. A workout buddy would guilt-trip you to the gym and yoga, in my eyes, is to exercise as walking up an escalator is to taking the stairs.

Resolution #2: Stop procrastinating

The Problem: Laziness. Poor time management. Facebook.

The Compromise: I think there is an inverse relationship between how much time I spend on Facebook and how much work I get done. Therefore, the first bad habit to kick is the Crackbook. Last year I committed temporary virtual suicide, and, alas the world did not end. Time to channel the energy put in social networking to real-time productivity and face-to-face social networking. How do you do that anyway?

Resolution #3: Spend less

The Problem: Addiction to retail.

The Compromise: Must hide the credit cards, switch to cash, and cap the ‘fun’ expense every week. May need to trade favours for goods and/or services. People did this in the medieval times. Theoretically, it should still work.

Resolution #4: Be nicer to friends and fam

The Problem: Bitter that the real world is nothing like Full House.

The Compromise: What would Bog Saget say? He’d probably tell me to bite my tongue and learn to listen. Or he’s just tell me Danny Tanner was not gay.

Resolution #5: Write more often

The Problem: Laziness. Too busy with schoolwork. Facebook.

The Compromise: According to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, it’s all about showing up for the job, even if your creative side doesn’t. That’s how I arrived at this post. Despite being drained of any original thought, just shut up and write.

What’s your new year’s resolution and compromise?


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