It’s only the second week of school and I’ve got 150+ pages of readings and an assignment due in eight days. So please forgive me if the blogging slows down. I am but a slave to the system that is Higher Education.

Anyway, the past week I learned what makes a good reference librarian (apparently it requires more than smiling and pointing at books), why technology is like a door (this is an analogy that will make eventually sense and somehow result in me being a better librarian), that Wikipedia is a trustworthy source of information [citation needed], and how many subway trains pass by OISE every two hours (about 30).

A few other neat things to share:

1. We’re no longer restricted to conducting highly organized, anti-fun presentations on PowerPoint, thanks to PREZI.

Watch About Perspective by Adam Somlai-Fischer

(Press autoplay or take control by clicking play again and again and again.)

2. ALA seems to think “hipster librarians” exist. This really should be marked under ‘miscategorized.’

3. I’ve started journalismisizing again. So please pick up a copy of The Varsity when you can. It’s published every Monday and Thursday, and I can assure you that it’s better than the 10 other campus papers, as well as your homework.

4. But if you really need to stalk/see me this month, come out on Sunday to The Word on the Street book and magazine festival at Queen’s Park. I will be volunteering at the Print is Dead Sony Reader Lounge.


One thought on “iStudent

  1. A is for Apocryphal says:

    1. PREZI may be my favourite thing about iSchool.
    2. When they changed the curriculum they should have added a course about how to be hip. And sexy, don’t forget sexy.
    3. Link doesn’t work! Speaking of journalism, should I apply to be an iSchool journal proofreader?
    4. I went today and everybody had abandoned ship because of the rain. Gotta work on that essay thing tmr, so see you in class!

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