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Ian Brown RRJ
  • RRJ coverboy and Globe writer Ian Brown will be hosting a discussion series called the Writer’s Room with Ian Brown next Wednesday for the launch of the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library. His first interviewee is none other than jPod author Douglas Coupland. [TPL]
  • Filing a complaint has never been so easy as Toronto adopts a new contact number next week. Write this down: 311. [National Post]
  • Amish romance novels are a hit in the Amish world. And it just goes to show that even G-rated smut sells. [The Wall Street Journal]
  • The Walrus finally has some money in the bank. Going straight to the writers, not the interns, of course. [J-Source]
  • And the award for Most Ridiculous Use of Research Funds to ‘Discover’ What Everyone Already Knows goes to a recent study that found that poor kids were less likely to apply to university than richer kids. [Toronto Star]

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