back to school guide: gearing up P1

Admit it. You went back to school shopping. Maybe you picked up some new clothes, a couple of Five Star binders, a MacBook (because it came with a free iPod Touch) or a new Nano (because it can record video!). But with our minds still on summer vacation and our bodies running around campus to finish off the first-week Must Do List, we’re bound to forget to pick up the next few items. So check out the latest — and quirkiest — back to school picks that are sure to be both useful and stylish.

(For a closer look at each item, click on the images. They are linked to my Polyvore account.)

Alarm Clocks
Have an awful 8 a.m. class? Drag yourself out of bed with Clocky the Alarm Clock (bottom left) who can hop off your nightstand and wheel itself into a hiding spot until you catch it. If that’s not your thing, the Early Bird Alarm Clock glows as the critter sings for you to wake up.

A good backpack is hard to find, which is why the Oakley Kitchen Sink Pack (top right) is a smart investment. There are numerous pockets for all your little gadgets, an internal foam-padded compartment for your laptop and the top of the bag lifts up for easy access to your textbooks. Eco-friendly tech geeks will love the Solar Powered Messenger Bag (bottom right) that can recharge batteries while you’re on the go (although not capable of charging up your laptop). It’s also waterproof and made from recycled fabric.
Students should be sleeping about eight to nine hours each day, but we all know that’s not the case. Grab a pillow before you leave home to nap during that five-hour gap between classes. The Mini Geisha Pillow by indie designer mymimi (no, it’s not me) can double up as a shy, silent friend.
Water Bottles
While Animal Tracks Guide SIGG Water Bottle (second from the right) might not tell you the difference between the emo kids and the Twilight-enthusiasts, it could come in handy during a field trip in bio class. Make sure yours has a BPA-free EcoCare liner, unlike the older editions. Urban Outfitter’s stainless steel Plan B Flask could serve you well after an exam when you’re, uh, thirsty.
Lunch Time
The Boskop Strawberry apple-shaped sandwich container is a cute alternative to the traditional Ziploc. But if you prefer the Burger Bento Box, you may be delighted to know that it contains multiple compartments to hold utensils and condiments. Those paranoid enough to use Anti-theft lunch bags can disguise their sandwich with fake mold and, possibly, spoil everyone else’s appetite.
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