back to school: gearing up P2

Stationary & Desk Decor
Your desk may soon become a backup to your bed, so it helps to liven up the space with distracting objects such as IQ Puzzle Erasers. These white, red and black cubes are designed to eliminate mistakes, test your problem-solving skills, while enabling you to procrastinate to your heart’s desire. Students who recall what a Walkman looks like may get a nostalgic kick out of the Cassette Tape Dispensers (which could actually be the only use for cassettes nowadays). Those who have a lot of studying to do these next few weeks can grab a Book Chair. You’ll appear as if you were reading, even if you’re not around.

Paper Objects
I loooooove notebooks but once they are filled, they take up valuable space on my bookshelf. With Plantable Journals, you can now rip those pages out and burying them into the ground. These books are made from 100% recycled office paper and embedded with wildflower seeds so you can grow a garden when you’re done with your homework. Another way to organize your notes, however, is to place them in specially labelled Crap File Folders. Subway readers can make a statement with Bookworm Bookmarks that enlarges such phrases as “I laughed, I cried” and “Happily ever after.”
Desk Lamp
It’s hard to do work in the dark so every good student needs a lamp to keep up with their readings. The sexy Element Touch Lamp (top right) goes on and off with the slight touch of your hand. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Organizer Desk Lamp, on the other hand, offers storage space for paperclips and pixie sticks.
Laptop Sleeves
When you spend more than $1,000 on a laptop, you might as well invest in a sleeve that will keep it safe from the elements. The Valentine Laptop Bag featuring the Valentine Portable Typewriter shown at the Museum of Modern Art is a throwback to the good old days when monkeys did our work for us. Disney princesses may prefer to cuddle with Juicy Couture’s velour laptop case in hot pink.
Memory Sticks
After you’ve worked on an essay for eight hours straight, the last thing you’d want is the computer crashing and your essay magically disappearing. Prevent future nervous breakdowns by saving your docs on a Mimobot or a Fortune Cookie USB Thingy.


The secret to looking cool — and highly unaware of your surroundings — is in selecting the perfect set of headphones (bonus points if they match your outfit). The blue Aerial 7 Tank Azzurro Headphones can drown out any lecture, while Swarovski’s Space Crystal Jet In-Ear Headphones contains enough bling to get you jumped at a bus shelter.

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